Moments of conviviality revisited

Moments of conviviality revisited

While younger consumers of legal drinking age are playing a key role in supporting the hospitality industry’s recovery, moments of conviviality are no longer limited to bars, restaurants and special occasions. As consumers have become used to spending more time at home, they have created new moments of togetherness with friends and family, from low-energy “chill” occasions to daytime gatherings. Knowing that every country, culture and generation consumes differently, Pernod Ricard dives into the moments of conviviality that have defined the past year.

Photo illustration of Extended convivial times

Extended convivial times

Daytime convivial occasions are flourishing, complementing the conscious drinking movement. In parallel, people are seeking the comfort of structured drinking: convivial moments are being re-established as markers of time, and rituals like aperitifs (pre-meal), digestifs (post-meal) and nightcaps (the last drink before bed) are being reclaimed and more widely embraced.

  • Who? Friends and family.
  • Where? Worldwide.
  • What? Convenience formats such as RTDs and RTS, prosecco, vermouth, low-ABV, anise drinks and aperitifs.
Photo illustration of Aperitif


While the aperitif has always been a mainstay of Mediterranean culture, it is becoming increasingly popular in other areas of the world. A moment to relax and drink to health and happiness, it’s the perfect time to whet your appetite before an evening meal. Often served with snacks, it sometimes even overtakes lunch or dinner.

  • Who? All generations, friends and family.
  • Where? Mainly in Western Europe but expanding to North America, South Africa, China, Japan, Russia and Australia.
  • What? Rosé, Champagne, convenience formats, low-ABV.