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De-westernising cool

Digitalisation has made it easier than ever for cultural trends to reach the other side of the world. Pop culture in particular is no longer dominated by the West: Latin American musicians are some of the most streamed in the world, Afrobeats music now crosses all borders and K-Pop bands have built a global musical phenomenon.


Local and regional creativity in the arts - from film and music to fashion and more - is reaching global audiences and power-ing cross-cultural connections. Consumers are becoming more experienced and knowledgeable about other cultures, bringing non-Western “cool” from niche to mainstream.

Key question

How can we make our global brands more culturally relevant to different audiences?

Our actions

Martell partnered with Nigerian Afrobeats superstar Davido on a “Standout Swift Story video urging the new generation to embrace audacity. Havana Club and Burna Boy celebrated the power of culture and communities with a Limited Edition of Havana Club 7.

9.1Bn Spotify streams of Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny in 2021, the most-streamed artist in the world

Source: Spotify

Domestic connoisseurship

Since bars and restaurants spent much of the last two years closed due to lockdowns, consumers missing their favourite cocktails began to educate themselves on how to fashion them at home. As people increasingly gather in private spaces, competent mixology skills have increasing pull as social currency.


Consumers are proactively seeking out knowledge and want to learn more about the world of cocktails. They expect their favourite brands to help them optimise their time by providing the instructions needed to create perfect cocktails at home with minimal complications.

Key question

How can our brands expand their education strategies to be a part of in-home entertaining experiences?

Our actions

G.H.Mumm created an immersive, multisensory tasting experience to help consumers explore the complexity and subtlety of their Cordon Rouge champagne. Absolut shares detailed how-to recipe videos on the brand’s social media platforms, giving cocktail fans the tools and tips they need to wow friends and family with delicious creations.

32% of global consumers want to spend more time doing hobbies and personal projects at home

Source: Life at Home, Ikea, 2021