Our strategy

Our strategy: long-term sustainable growth

Pernod Ricard has adapted its mission and ambition to an ever-changing world. To ensure their success, we have launched our growth engine The Conviviality Platform. Through the execution of our three-year strategic plan, Transform & Accelerate, we will leverage consumer trends and deliver profitable growth.

Conviviality: the permanent heartbeat of our business

The last two years have been characterised by uncertainty, leading to deep shifts in the way we live, work and play. In the face of a challenging geopolitical context and unprecedented changes in the workforce, the ways that people are seeking human connection are changing.

Amid these shifting environments, our vision of being “Créateurs de convivialité” has remained the consistent force that keeps us focused in the present while allowing us to plan for the future. It is also what has led us to define a new mission that integrates our S&R strategy into the heart of our business: to unlock the magic of human connection by Bringing Good Times from a Good Place. The future of our business depends on responsible, sustainable conviviality, and through this pursuit we plan to shape and lead industry growth. Strengthened by our growth model, The Conviviality Platform, these tenets define our long-term business strategy.

Dedicated strategic priorities for the next three years

While The Conviviality Platform will be the growth model of the Group’s business for at least a decade, the next three years require a dedicated set of strategic priorities to address global and persistent changes to supply chains and consumption patterns. These have been provoked in large part by the pandemic and geopolitical challenges. The evolution of our Transform & Accelerate strategic plan identifies key drivers of growth that will allow us to confront these disruptions.

Our aim is to strengthen our business from the inside out, innovating new forms of conviviality that respond to consumer desires. We will pay special attention to global consumer macrotrends, such as technology and the rise of the affluent and middle classes. By continuously innovating how to bring people together and create conviviality in new ways, we will build a foundation for long-term and sustainable business growth.