Connecting around our mission


The people of Pernod Ricard: pride and commitment

Our more than 19,000 employees are proud ambassadors of our conviviality culture. Together, we commit to bringing to life the Group’s vision of “Créateurs de convivialité” and to achieving our leadership ambition. At Pernod Ricard, we are:

  • Focused on performance
  • Going the extra mile
  • Dedicated to all our stakeholders

Pernod Ricard gives the opportunity to each and every convivialist to experience an inclusive conviviality culture. By customising individual employee experiences to leverage and grow skills, we fully reciprocate the energy that employees put into going the extra mile. Accordingly, levels of employee commitment, pride and support for the Group’s values have been above external market benchmarks and in line with top performing organisations for over a decade.(1) An inclusive and diverse culture that mirrors the broad spectrum of our consumer base has been further strengthened in recent years by the “Live without Labels” diversity roadmap and the gender parity “Better Balance” programme, demonstrating the Group’s consistent and progressive commitment to providing an outstanding work environment. As “Créateurs de convivialité” leading and shaping industry growth, the Group holds a place among the world’s most admired companies,(2) the “best employers” in France(3) and the companies most preferred by business school students.(4)


Our business model: decentralisation

While respecting the autonomy of our affiliates, we combine the strengths of a large group with the decision speed that decentralisation offers to local markets. This means:

  • Decision-making based close to the market
  • Fast responses to consumer needs

As needs among consumers continue to shift towards more local consumption and genuine brand experiences, Pernod Ricard’s HQ pilots new forms of conviviality and major cross-functional projects, pooling certain areas of expertise so that local affiliates can focus on the essentials: growing their business in their market by putting the consumer at the centre of their efforts. Individual market development plans bring conviviality directly to the consumer as we optimise the the right drink for the right occasion at the right time, every time. From this proximity to local markets comes increased authenticity, with conviviality serving as a performance accelerator that maximises exchanges and collaboration among local colleagues.


Our core values: the heart of our corporate culture

Our three core values shape our culture and create a bond between all Pernod Ricard employees, regardless of their function, region or affiliate. These values only make sense when expressed within a convivial environment: there is no entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust or sense of ethics without the simple, informal, inclusive and transparent relationships that define conviviality.


  • Autonomy
  • Initiative
  • Boldness
  • Taste for risk

Since the Group’s founding, entrepreneurial spirit has been one of the key factors differentiating Pernod Ricard from its competitors. We cultivate it by encouraging creativity and innovation within our teams, which permit our employees to thrive. The Pernod Ricard Leadership Model also fosters entrepreneurial spirit through a set of specific competencies such as courage, driving vision and purpose, decision quality, resourcefulness and more. These Leadership Attributes are used globally for assessing, developing and growing our leaders and teams.


  • Freedom of initiative
  • Open dialogue
  • Right to make mistakes

We work in the spirit of cooperation and mutual trust. There can be no conviviality without trust in those taking the initiative. In the same way, trust is the basis of our relationships both internally and externally. We are committed to sharing our knowledge with partners and working with them to define shared values throughout our supply chain, ensuring all our activities are safe, respectful and responsible.


  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Good relationships with stakeholders

Conviviality thrives when it is defined by moderation. Because the way we do business matters, we rely on each of our employees to encourage and support responsible drinking. With this in mind, we launched a worldwide massive open online course (MOOC) on alcohol and responsible drinking. Mandatory for all our employees, its aims are both to inform and to encourage a strong individual commitment to responsible drinking. Our business, which is the production and distribution of alcoholic products, has an inherent need for a strong sense of responsibility, and ethics is a core element of our culture and daily activities. Respect is the foundation of mutual trust as well as a key ingredient for a diverse and inclusive corporate culture where everyone can be themselves and grow.

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  2. In the 2021 ranking of the 680 World’s Most Admired Companies, conducted by Fortune magazine.
  3. In the 2021 ranking of the 500 Best Employers in France, carried out by the magazine Capital.
  4. In the 2021 ranking produced by the Swedish company Universum.