Chapter 3. Our strategy : Winning in our four battlegrounds

01. A collective and global mobilisation to fight the Covid-19 crisis

During the pandemic that continues to impact the physical, social and economic well-being of people across the globe, Pernod Ricard has channelled the resources of the Group into protecting its employees and communities, supporting hospitality partners and contributing to collective solidarity efforts around the world, across all sectors.

One priority: the health and safety of our teams

Covid‑19 arrived in the midst of a global deployment of an updated Group Health and Safety policy. Its aim: nurturing a culture where everyone is personally involved in ‘Taking care of each other’ in line with our vision of conviviality, and maintaining a safe and healthy environment at work every day, towards zero injuries by 2025.

Reacting quickly to the spread of the pandemic,  teams sped up implementation of this policy, adding new containment measures to maximise employee safety and minimise risk for their families.

The Group systematically put into practice the recommendations of the national and international health authorities, and where possible helped its employees to access emergency treatment or tests. Already experimented in a number of affiliates, homeworking was extended to all employees whose offices had been closed, as well as to vulnerable employees and those employees who could work remotely. Where this wasn't possible, very strict measures were put into place to protect our employees' health and safety.

« The exceptional commitment of the women and men of Pernod Ricard during this difficult period and the agility they showed in adapting to new ways of working are both great examples of the strength of our culture and the implementation of our strategy ‘Transform & Accelerate'. »

Cédric Ramat,
EVP Human Resources,  Sustainability & Responsibility