Major trends in a new world

Chapter 2. Our environment : Seizing the opportunities of a new world

Major trends in a new world

Major trends in a new world

Accelerated connectivity, a greater focus on health and well-being, increased sustainability concerns, the need to ‘be’ together… Pernod Ricard explores the evolving needs of consumers and the opportunities for the Group.  The Covid‑19 crisis has accelerated already existing trends and with them  a new world is emerging. Here are six major trends that are already shaping conviviality into the future. 

Health and well‑being

Consumers are looking for healthier and more balanced lifestyles. Younger generations are ever more concerned about well-being and keen to share convivial moments and treat themselves while drinking moderately.


Expanding our portfolio in the low/no alcohol and low sugar and calorie categories. Communicating clearly on product contents. Educating our customers on moderate drinking and encouraging them to favour quality over quantity. Developing products with ingredients from sustainable agriculture.

Key points

How can we support more mindful alcohol consumption and adapt our portfolio to respond to these new trends?

  • Launch of Jacob’s Creek new range  “Better by Half”, light wines with half the alcohol and calories of regular wine.
  • Implementation of new labels on the backs of our bottles to inform consumers on calorie content as from December 2019.
  • Digital campaign #SharingGoodVibes launched during lockdown with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN)  to promote a healthy lifestyle and responsible drinking.

75 %
of millennials claim they now  limit the amount of alcohol  they drink on the majority  of their nights out

Source : Mintel


Covid-19 has brought ecological and biodiversity concerns to the fore, driving consumers to be more questioning about the ethical and environmental practices of the brands they choose.


Being transparent about origin and sourcing of ingredients, sustainable production and responsible distribution. Using packaging to reassure and educate about nutrition, alcohol content, sustainability and recyclability. Leading change with our suppliers and hospitality partners.

Key points

How can we be more open about our sustainability and responsibility commitments, progress and results,  and share knowledge for further impact?

  • Sustainable and responsible hospitality e-learning programme with UNITAR  to help bartenders shape the ‘Bar World of Tomorrow’.
  • Ricard new range Fruités Bio with ingredients certified organic.
  • All ingredients and water sourced locally for Absolut vodka, their bottles are 40% recycled and produced in Southern Sweden.

90 %
of consumers in US, UK,  Australia and China say that companies and brands have  a responsibility to take care  of the planet and its people

Source : Wunderman Thompson

Real life social networks

The Covid-19 crisis has increased the importance of coming together physically, with family, friends or neighbours.  With the wearing of masks and physical distancing, people are more than ever longing for convivial moments and to return to their favourite venues, which are also having to adapt. New ways of socialising are appearing, that reinforce a sense of solidarity within one’s local community.


Post-pandemic, consumers will value real life interactions. Bars, events and brands will reinforce their role as social connectors to develop conviviality, community collaboration and meet lifestyle aspirations.

Key points

How do we support our trade and hospitality partners to ensure there will still be the spaces needed to connect people and provide convivial occasions?

  • 1000 Cafés’ initiative in France to support  the continuing or opening of local cafés  in small French towns.
  • Collaboration with Three Sheets, one of the World’s 50 Best Bars, to bottle and deliver seven exclusive cocktails from iconic London bars during lockdown in the UK.
  • Our Brand Homes are reconnecting with local consumers by offering premium and private tours or events in our distilleries (TX, JP Wiser’s) and wineries (Mumm Napa, Kenwood Vineyards).

+ 850 %
Online mentions for  #Supportyourlocal in March 2020

Source : Radarly