A shared commitment


Maria Clettborn Persson 
New Product Development Project Manager, 
Ardagh Group Limmared, Sweden

A bridge between sales and production, Maria coordinates the development of new bottles and helps ideas come to life, from the middle of the forest where Ardagh is nestled.


I remember my first bottle very well – it was a limited edition, the Absolut Glimmer. The design was quite complex, which was challenging, but the result was worth our efforts. That was 14 years ago, and I’m still fascinated by glass. It’s like a living material that can sometimes prove tricky to handle, compelling us to try new things and reinvent ourselves.

And the colours! That’s what I love the most: I’m captivated by the variations, how the tint changes when the glass cools. From this glowing red, a whole palette of colours appears, it’s amazing. Since meeting Carl, we’re constantly sharing ideas, discussing possibilities and coming up with solutions for the next bottle together. Our collaboration is unique – it sometimes feels like we’re working in the same company.